2011 42" Yacht Certified Formula 400SS

Half Day Charter: $1400 USD

Every additional hour $350/hr



The Boat:

Our luxury yacht Jersey Girl is available for both half day and full day private charters. She is equipped with a spacious cabin outfitted with lush couches for seating as well as space for dry storage. A sizable refrigerator and freezer is available for storage. Also included is a full sized head bathroom with an electric flushing toilet and functioning fresh water shower. The main deck is also equipped with seating and sun beds for maximum comfort. The bow also includes sun beds for ease and relaxation accessible through stairs at the center of the boat. There is also a ladder at the stern which allows for guests easy access into the water. The boat is fully stocked with all necessary safety equipment such as life vests and a life ring. Maximum capacity 10 guests.

The Experience:

Both our half and full day charters include a complimentary fruit platter, soft drinks and waters. We kindly request guests notify us of any food related allergies. We also provide noodles for extra floatation while enjoying a refreshing swim. Our half day charters typically include 3 stops and our full day charters allow for 4 or more stops. We also provide high quality snorkel masks, fins and vests for all guests. There is a quality stereo system with radio options as well as compatibility with most mobile devices. 



Starfish Point is another must see on a visit to Grand Cayman. This magical little spot is home to the Caribbean Red Cushion Sea Star. The clear hues of the water allow for easy viewing of the starfish. We at Charters of the Sea are very proud of our beautiful island of Grand Cayman and understand the importance of respecting our wildlife. We love to visit and view the Starfish Point but ensure the starfish never leave the water and are cared for by our guests safely and courteously.


Stingray City is one of the many treasures of Cayman. Our tours offer a unique experience interacting and playing with these gentle giants. The Stingray City sandbar is typically 3-5 feet deep which allows for easy accessibility for guests. A visit to Stingray City is a must for any trip to Cayman. Our Captains Ryan and Douglas "Pappie" have years of experience navigating and interacting with the Stingrays. Come hold, feed, and even kiss a Stingray for 7 years goodluck!



Mangroves fulfill many important functions for our islands: providing the basis of the food web upon which all our marine creatures feed, acting as a nursery for small fish and juveniles, protecting land from the effects of storms and surges and filtering the water of sediment resulting in the spectacular crystal-clear waters surrounding Cayman. There are a few natural passageways through the mangroves where guests can relax and experience more of the wildlife and nature of Cayman.



The USS Kittiwake is a 251-foot sunken ship that was purposely sunk on January 5, 2011 to create an additional marine park for marine life. The USS Kittiwake was an active military submarine rescue vessel which retired from service in 1994. It is now located off Seven Mile Beach and is 65 feet at its deepest and 15-20 feet at its most shallow. Since the Kittiwake is located on the Seven Mile Beach corridor, we often require additional time to accommodate as a snorkeling excursion. We recommend at least a 6 hour charter to be able to snorkel both the Kittiwake and the North Sound locations.



Charters of the Sea offers world class snorkeling. Our favorite locations are Rum Point Reef and Coral Gardens. The average depth ranges between 6 -12 feet. Here you will see some beautiful coral head formations, local fish and more. We provide masks, snorkels, fins and snorkel vests for all guests.